Music Made Meaningful’s mission is to engage and excite a younger audience in components¬†of the music world that commonly go misunderstood or unnoticed entirely. It will do this by explaining somewhat complicated musical concepts in a way that appeals to younger generations and is easily understood by all readers. (It is not simply a music review site.)

Music Made Meaningful is created by Sarah Drake, a second year student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Drake is an anthropology and geography major that hopes to add journalism as another major in the near future. She aspires to travel the world and write about music internationally, working as an ethnomusicologist.

This blog will encompass music both on a smaller level (focusing on Western music culture, industry analysis, etc.), as well as globally (including music culture from around the world that generally goes unnoticed, but deserves attention).

It is targeted at millennials, though aims to be accessible and open to people of all ages, cultures, and other areas of diversity.